Android Tablets Struggle Against iPad

Apple’s iPad looks set to remain the single most dominant device in the tablet market, despite of a rush of new Android devices, according to a new report.

Research firm Forrester found that Apple is currently dominating the market, with 73% of devices sold worldwide, although the study was conducted before the launch of Amazon’s hugely popular Kindle Fire, which also runs on the Android platform.

However, whilst Android collectively enjoys a notable share of the market, Forrester found that not one single device has more than a five per cent share against the iPad, something that looks to continue following last night’s launch of the new iPad.

Samsung, maker of the Galaxy Tab, comes closest with a 5% share of the market, compared to a 4% share for Motorola, creators of the Xoom tablet, and Acer, which has a 3% share. HP’s now discontinued TouchPad did hold a 6% share of the market, although this was largely held up by heavy discounting after the decision was made to stop production.

The impact that Amazon’s Kindle Fire on the tablet market is not yet known, although Amazon said that sales of its Kindle products, including e-readers, has grown 177% over the last year and that the Kindle Fire was the bestselling among them. Estimates have suggested that Amazon sold six million Kindle Fires in the fourth quarter of 2011, whilst Amazon sold 15.43 iPads in the same period.

Forrester also made a bold claim for the future


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