Last Minute iPad 3/HD Rumours Appear Ahead of Launch Event

As the final hours before Apple’s iPad event pass, more last minute rumours hit the newswires. Following our round-up of all the speculation surrounding Apple’s next tablet, a few new details have now come to light.

While a quad-core processor has been on the cards since the very beginning, it’s now being suggested that the tablet will use the A5X chip, which is essentially the same as the existing A5 dual-core processor inside the iPad 2, but with a more powerful graphics chip.

The same sources, who have talked to The Verge, also say the RAM will be boosted to 1GB, which along with the improved GPU is needed to power the Retina Display screen.

Although other manufacturers are embracing quad-core processors for their smartphones and tablets, Apple has never been one to leap on cutting-edge technology without it being thoroughly tested first, and as quad-core devices are only just making it into stores, the A5X rumour sounds realistic.

A release date for the iPad 3/HD has also been circulated, and it’s pegged as being 16 March in the UK and in the USA. This date fits in with the opening of an Apple Store inside Harrods, which if true, would certainly contribute to some impressive first-day sales figures.

All will be revealed after 6pm UK-time this evening.

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