Mobile World Congress 2012: Day Four Round-up

By the time you read this, Mobile World Congress will be over for another year. It has been a very busy event, despite no-shows from Samsung and Motorola, with quad-core devices very much in the spotlight.

Just because it’s the last day though, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been news flooding out of the Barcelona arena, and here’s today’s round-up to keep you fully up-to-date.

Android History in Motion

At the Google stand, a moving conveyor belt contained glass cases with an example of each and every Android device made, as an ever-circulating reminder of just how many there are.  It’s not just phones either, as tablets are in there too, and however cool it may be to see them all in one place, it does serve as a reminder that the vast majority all look exactly the same.

Nokia Drive 3

The next version of Nokia Drive for Windows Phone will aim to make the daily commute easier and quicker.  Live tiles will provide updates with an estimated time of arrival and traffic information, while the software itself will learn your routes and driving habits to provide quicker ways to your place of work. Nokia Drive 3 will be coming to Windows Phone devices later in the year.

Xperia Smart Stickers

If you buy an Xperia phone with an NFC chip, then inside the box you’ll find several Smart Stickers; little tabs that can be used to activate certain features on your phone when they come in contact with it. This could be anything to activating the GPS when you get in the car, to switching the ringer to silent when you arrive at the office.

It’s a similar notion to LG’s NFC Tags, and they’re a great way to make use of a feature that will become more common place in the future, but can feel a bit useless right now.

Toshiba Excite 10 LE Tablet

Toshiba has confirmed its incredibly thin and light tablet will launch in the USA on the 6th March, the day before Apple is set to unveil the iPad 3. It measures 7.7mm thick and weighs 535 grams, and has a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. Inside is a Texas Instruments 1.2GHz chip with 1GB of RAM and the tablet runs Android 3.2 Honeycomb.  A UK release wasn’t specified.

Android MWC App

This is one for the collectors, as it features all the information on this year’s Android pin collection, a staple of any show that Google attends. In addition to the pins, it has all the facts and figures from Mobile World Congress too.

HTC and Windows Phone Apollo

HTC has stated that it will be bringing out a new range of phones running Windows Phone in time for the Apollo update. Apollo will introduce compatibility with Windows 8, and is expected in the second half of this year.

NFC and BlackBerry

Research in Motion has made a video showing the benefits of using NFC on your BlackBerry smartphone. Well, benefits that will come in the future, as much of the technology shown isn’t ready for mainstream use yet. Still, it’s a good example of what NFC will enable us to do one day.

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