More Android 4.0 Update News From Motorola, Still a While To Go…

We should have guessed by Motorola’s lengthy explanation of why it takes so long to work a new Android update on to an existing device, that it was subtly trying to prepare us for exactly that: a long wait. Sure enough, the company has revised its update chart and the news isn’t as good as we originally hoped.

When Motorola first announced its Ice Cream Sandwich update plans – at the beginning of December last year – we estimated, using the data supplied, that by March or April this year things would be getting underway.

Unfortunately, those dates are going to be the absolute earliest anything could happen, and even then it’s very dependent on the device you own. Motorola Razr and Xoom Wi-Fi tablet owners are the lucky ones at the top of Motorola’s list, with an Ice Cream Sandwich update expected to come during Q2. That’s anytime between the beginning of April and the end of June, approximately.

After that, the Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition tablets will get Ice Cream Sandwich in Q3, so sometime in July, August or September. Aside from these four devices, Motorola is still ‘evaluating’ the Atrix, Motoluxe, Motorola Pro+ and the Xoom Wi-Fi/3G, so they’re by no-means confirmed as future Ice Cream Sandwich update candidates.

If you own a Defy Mini, Defy+ or a Milestone 2, you’re going to be staying with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

If the wait seems excessive, just count yourself lucky you don’t have to wait for a US carrier to deal with an update, as a quick glance at Motorola’s plans for the USA reveals the majority of ICS upgrades will begin in Q3. Unlike here in the UK, the Razr doesn’t even have a date at all!

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