Leaked iPad 3 Shell Images Surface Online

New images have appeared online which purport to reveal further details of the Apple iPad 3. The images, sourced by Apple blog 9to5Mac (which claims that the original shots came from a Chinese supplier), show the innards of what appears to be two iPad 3 back panels, complete with reverse Apple logos.

Another obtained photo showing the outer back portion of the panel reveals a camera lens-shaped hole bigger than that found on the iPad 2, leading to suggestions that the upcoming device will have a larger, more powerful camera onboard.

Further comparisons to the current iPad’s rear panel have fuelled speculation that a larger battery and screen on the iPad 3.

As always with unsubstantiated rumours and leaked images, no concrete details can be confirmed or denied by the details. However, with several sources revealing seemingly similar images in recent weeks it seems plausible that production could well be under way for the eagerly anticipated Apple tablet, generally expected to launch in March.


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