British Design Student Launches Bamboo Mobile Phone

A new smartphone constructed from wood is expected to launch in the UK later this year. The ADzero has been designed by British student Kieron Scott-Woodhouse and is claimed to be half the weight of an iPhone as well as being incredibly durable due to its bamboo construction

The ADzero was initially designed for the Chinese market but, due to an enthusiastic reception in Britain, will also launch in the UK. The device, constructed from four year-old specially treated organic bamboo, will ship with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and feature a landmark ring flash said to boost light around images when using the camera, creating a more even photographic exposure.

As well as impressive tech specs, the ADZero also has some commendable eco credentials - the handset’s shell will be fully biodegradable and therefore considerably more eco friendly than the vast majority of smartphones currently on the market.

Prices and sellers are yet to be announced, but with environmental impact becoming an ever-increasing factor in consumer decisions, the ADzero may well put down roots amongst the eco-friendly community.

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  1. SimI can’t bvileee all these Android Apps coming over here.. taking all the jobs and council houses from iphone apps. Its disgusting.. send them back home, the benefit scroungers. . sorry i downloaded the DailyMail app, it gets in your head after a while.

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