Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including two unknown Samsung tablets, the HTC Sensation getting Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Android watches.

1. Two Samsung Tablet Model Numbers Discovered

A Japanese site has discovered two unknown Samsung model numbers attached to devices that have just passed through their Wi-Fi certification process. The GT-P3100 and GT-p5100 do not relate to any currently released devices, and the GT-P format traditionally relates to tablets. They’re both believed to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and could be an Amazon Kindle Fire challenger and a new quad-core monster respectively. Could they both make an appearance at Mobile World Congress?

2. White HTC Sensation to get Ice Cream Sandwich

HTC in Holland has announced that the forthcoming white version of the Sensation Android phone will be released on the 1st March, and it’ll come pre-installed with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This is potentially good news for Sensation owners everywhere, as that means the OTA update could hit their phones any day now.

3. Samsung and Corning Join Forces

Samsung and Corning, the company who makes Gorilla Glass, has announced a partnership. The two companies will collaborate on manufacturing special glass panels specifically made for OLED screens. In addition to the new panels being used in Samsung’s mobile devices, they’ll also be utilised in large-screen TVs in the future.

4. Google Docs for Mobile Updated

Google Docs on your Android has just got a tiny bit more useful, as an update has added offline support, meaning documents can be pinned and then accessed without a data connection. Once you’re back in range of a Wi-Fi signal, it’s synced as usual. The update is available right now, and can be downloaded from the Android Market.

5. Google Watches Now Available

Sorry, these aren’t actual Android watches, but rather watches that have Androids on them! Available through the Google Store, the Android watch can be purchased with a large or small screen, and each set comes with a stainless steel and a polycarbonate strap so you can match it to your outfit.

6. Ethical iPhone?  35,000 People Say Yes

A petition to force Apple into addressing the working conditions in its factories in China has attracted 35,000 signatures in the first 24 hours. Apple has come under fire recently after articles highlighted the poor conditions found in some factories used to build iPhones and iPads, something Apple has since called ‘a cause for concern’.

7. Huge teXet TM-5200 Out in Russia Soon

Russians are about to get their hands on the teXet TM-5200, a big Android device with a 5.2-inch touchscreen. That’s Galaxy Note size, however the rest of the spec isn’t quite so impressive as it has an 800MHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera and a 480 x 800 screen resolution. The teXet stands out due to its dual-SIM configuration and bargain £220 price tag.

8. HTC Wi-Fi Data Leak Fix

HTC has confirmed that some of its Android devices could leak security information over Wi-Fi, and need a patch to cure the problem. Affected devices include the Desire HD, Desire S and the EVO 3D. While the patch should appear automatically on the phone, HTC says that some devices will need it manually installed. More details will be published on the HTC site next week.

9. Xappr iPhone Accessory Will Make Your Day

Like the thought of running around with your iPhone mounted on a fake gun?  Then the Xappr is for you. The gun connects with your phone, presumably by Bluetooth, and lets you make the most of augmented reality games such as ARInvaders. It’s out in June for $44.99 in the States, and best of all is there is a laser-tag style game set for release around the same time!

10. The Bamboo Phone

Yep, it’s a wooden phone! It’s called the ADzero, and it’s an Android phone with a body made entirely from bamboo. The device already has backers in China and a trade-show ready prototype, plus it’ll feature a special build of Android and a camera that includes technology that has never been seen before on a phone. It has been designed by a 23-year old student from the UK, and will go on sale throughout Europe at a later date.


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