Windows Phone to Overtake iOS in Three Years?

It’s had some teething problems of late, with a slow uptake of its latest line and a furore surrounding the Windows-Nokia merger, but one expert predicts that Windows Phone will overtake iOS within three years.

Market research by IHS iSuppli indicates that Windows Mobile, which accounts for just 2% of the smartphone market today, could overtake iOS’s market share of 16.7% by 2015. That would make it the second most popular mobile operating system, behind Android.

Earlier this week, IHS senior analyst Wayne Lam gave his take on this forecast following the release of the Lumia 900 at CES, which “represents Nokia’s first step to reclaim its market share”.

He added: “Combined with Nokia’s efforts to drive the development of the Windows Phone ecosystem, the Lumia 900 and its successors will help Microsoft to reclaim its No. 2 ranking in smartphone operating system market share in 2015.”

Of course, this refers to the North American market – something which Nokia has never previously prioritised over Europe and Asia. However, it’s believed that a repurposing of the Nokia brand to make it big in the US and Canada could give it a huge foothold with which to aim for other world markets such as Australia, Europe and eventually Asia.

Off the back of some excellent figures in the second half of last year, the iPhone 4S has helped Apple to secure its place behind Android as consumers’ second choice of smartphone software. However ambitious and lofty the goals for Nokia and Microsoft are, initial research such as this indicates that their days could be numbered; as more and more hardware manufacturers release Windows Phone products, and Nokia helps itself to diminishing pieces of the overall WP-flavoured pie, the stage could be set for a complete takeover of the OS charts by Windows Phone.

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