iPad 3 Launch Event Rumored for Early February

If all this talk of the iPad 3 is getting too much to bear, then you may not have to endure it much longer before Apple does the decent thing and announces the new device. With reports of production being already underway, a Japanese blog has now chimed in with its thoughts on when Apple will hold their launch event.

Quoting sources dealing with the production of the device, the site says to expect an iPad 3 event in early February, with a release coming in early March. This would be earlier than the iPad 2′s launch, which came at the end of March 2011, meaning the current tablet will have been on sale for less than a year before its successor hits the shelves.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumours concerning a February iPad 3 event, however, the previous date suggested was 24 February, a date coinciding with the late Steve Jobs’ birthday.

Any February announcement for the iPad 3 will also see it compete with news coming from Mobile World Congress, set to open its doors on the 27th of the month.

The Japanese source also adds that iOS 5.1 will also be announced at the iPad event, ready for release a touch before the new tablet. While beta versions of the new operating system have been circulating since November last year, there’s little in the way of information on any new features.

Apple is also holding a special education event in New York tomorrow (19 January).

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