CES 2012 Day Two News Round-Up

While most big-name press conferences have happened, there’s still plenty more to come from CES 2012, as more new products are discovered at the show. Here’s day two of our round-up of news stories on those products you may have missed, especially following the likes of Nokia’s and Sony’s exciting new product launches.

Liquipel Demos Waterproofing Technology

If you’re a bit clumsy, or forever live in fear of your smartphone getting covered in water, therefore ending its life, then this product could be for you. Liquipel claims its vaporous product bonds at a molecular level to your device, providing a waterproof coating that you’ll be unable to see or feel. The evidence is there for all to see in this clip below, where an Liquipel-coated iPhone is submerged in water, where it continues to play a video. It’s not a product that can be applied at home, so your device has to be sent to Liquipel along with the $59 charge. UK pricing has yet to be announced.

The ViewSonic ViewPad E70

ViewSonic has added a new 7-inch tablet to its 2012 range, featuring Google Android 4.0 as its operating system. The screen has a smartphone-like 800 x 480 pixel resolution and a single-core 1GHz processor, plus 4GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot and a microHDMI-out port too. It’s due out in the next few months and the US price has been set at $169, equating to about £110.

Sony Launch Walkman Z 1000 High-End Music Player

Along with several new smartphones, Sony has launched an iPod Touch challenger, the Walkman Z 1000. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 1GHz processor, it has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, comes with Android Gingerbread installed and a choice of either 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of internal memory. DLNA support and an HDMI-out increases the Walkman’s versatility, plus it’s a beautiful device. It comes with all sorts of Sony musical magic to make it sound great too. The planned release date is February, but pricing has yet to be announced.

Four New Headsets from Samsung

Samsung has added four pairs of wired headphones to its range, and all are designed for use with their mobile phones.  Each has in-line audio controls and a microphone, and has been tailored to fit both musical taste and budget. The EHS-60 Serious Sound are in-ear buds for all users, while the EHS-63 Active Sound are designed for fitness fans and feature an unusual dual-speaker design. The EHS-70 Massive Sound and EHS-71 Refined Sound cater for the gamer and the musical aficionado respectively. Both are made from aluminium and use anti-tangle cords.

Nokia Adds Various Exclusive Apps to WP7 Hub

Nokia announced it would be adding several new apps to its exclusive corner of the Windows Marketplace. A custom CNN news app will be free to download to any Nokia Windows Phone for the next 90 days, after which it’ll be available on all WP7 devices, while various Sesame Street titles will be solely Nokia’s for the next six months. Nokia also added an ESPN Sports Hub app and a Univision app only available in the USA.

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