Sonic The Hedgehog Returns to Android and Windows Phone Devices this Year

Following on from the success of Sonic 4: Episode I on the iOS platform, Sega has made moves to ensure that this year’s release of Episode II expands to Android and Windows Phone platforms.

It’s been twenty years since the first appearance of Sega’s speedy mascot, a fact celebrated with the recent release of Sonic Generations; and now the Japanese gaming giant is looking to build upon its well-received next chapter in the Sonic story.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II will be made available via Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade – alongside planned releases for the iOS App Store, Android Market (including pre-loaded tablets) and Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7.

The news comes in wake of last year’s re-release of the hit game Sonic the Hedgehog C, also ported to Android and iOS last month, with a release planned for Windows Phone in the near future. It was rumoured, as a result, that the new episode of Sonic 4 would follow on from that game – and a new teaser trailer from developers Sega depicting Metal Sonic, as well as old favourite Tails, seemingly confirms the hearsay that billed Sonic CD as a prequel.

Though the exact release date is not yet known, the teaser trailer has done more than enough to satisfy gamers hungry for another installment of the highly successful Sonic 4.

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