Brits wasting £134m By Overcharging Gadgets

Brits are wasting up to £134m a year by “overcharging” their mobile phones and other gadgets, a survey has claimed.

Energy provider E.On has claimed that the average family adds £60 to their annual electricity bill by leaving gadgets plugged in after the battery is full.

The report claims that nine in ten people keep gadgets on permanent charge, even though doing so can harm the battery life, with laptops (43%) the most likely gadget to be left plugged in whilst fully charged.

Mobile phones were the next most overcharged device, at 41%, with ten per cent of iPods being left plugged in despite the batteries being full of juice.

Other devices needlessly left plugged in included shavers, electric toothbrushes, hand-held vacuum cleaners and cordless home phones

People aged 18 to 24 are four times more likely to keep their gadgets plugged in than those aged 55 or more, whilst one in five children keeps toys on regular charge.

Emma Thompson of E.ON, which conducted the poll, said: We’re using more and more gadgets in our daily lives. It’s crucial that we keep an eye on how much money and energy we’re wasting keeping them charging when we don’t need to.

“Generally mobile phones only take two hours to charge but most people leave them plugged in overnight. By unplugging your gadgets once they’re charged, you’ll be helping to reduce your energy bills.”

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