Police Force Bans Phone Chargers In Cost Cutting Drive

Police officers in Sussex will be banned from charging their mobile phones, iPods and other electronic devices as part of a drive to save £50m.

Sussex Police has issued a ban on staff plugging in any personal electronic items, such as mobile phones and MP3 players, across its stations and buildings in an attempt to cut electricity bills. The measure has been introduced as the force looks to achieve a saving of £50m over the next four years.

Critics of the ban will claim that the cost of charging a mobile is negligible, given the low energy consumption of phone chargers.

For example, the cost of charging an iPhone 3G is equivalent to approximately 0.002 pence per hour, based on a power consumption of 2w and an average KWh unit price of 0.15p.

But the force believes that the ban, which will extend to all “non-essential” items used by its 5,000 staff, could reduce energy costs by around 10%.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “All areas are being reviewed to see where savings can be made with a particular focus on those areas where our customers will not be affected.

“As part of this work it was identified that there are a significant number of electrical items being used in Force which are not essential to the working environment.

“The removal of non-essential items will bring about savings on PAT testing and energy usage, which we have already reduced by around 10 per cent.

“’Any money saved in this area will be put back into frontline services.”

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