Could Your Backside Replace Your Computer Password?

Computer users could soon be using their own derriere instead of a password to log on to their computer, thanks to researchers in Japan.

Developers from Japan’s Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology have developed a seat that can identify who is using a computer purely by measuring the shape and size of their buttocks.

The seat, which was originally designed for use in the car industry, contains 360 sensors to measure pressure points and uses the data to build a “fingerprint” of the designated driver to an accuracy of 98%.

It is expected that the technology could be used in the car industry by 2014 and could be used from anything from adjusting seats for individual drivers through to immobilising a vehicle to unauthorised drivers.

However, Professor Shigeomi Koshimizu, who is behind the research, suggested that office equipment suppliers could be keen on using the technology to make sure that office staff can forget the tedious business of remembering passwords.

One of the advantages of the technology, according to the team, is that it’s less awkward than other forms of biometric technology, such as iris scanners and fingerprint readers. The team argues that members of the public often feel stressed and apprehensive when undergoing ID checks, whilst technologies such as fingerprint or iris scanning can be compromised when sensor surfaces are unclean, or when there is poor lighting.

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