Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including Microsoft saying goodbye to CES, Nokia pledging to stay in Finland and the latest Android activation figures.

1. No More CES for Microsoft

The 2012 CES show begins on10 January, and while Microsoft will be there to give a keynote and presumably talk about Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 and other new products; it’ll be their last appearance. Officially announced via their official blog, the company says the show just doesn’t fit in with their product release schedule anymore.

2.  Nokia to Stay in Finland

Reports have circulated that Nokia was considering moving from their home of Finland to somewhere else in the world. However, CEO Stephen Elop has dismissed these rumours, saying that while he remains CEO, the company would be staying in Espoo, Finland. He called the country ‘our home, our sense of belonging’.

3.  Nokia’s Latest PR Stunt is Cool!

In Nokia’s latest unusual PR stunt to promote their Windows Phone 7 handsets, the manufacturer has frozen a Lumia 800 in a block of ice. The slab was left on a busy street and the person who managed to free the phone, won a real one. Watch the antics below.

4. 700,000 Daily Android Activations

Google’s Andy Rubin has announced that they’re now activating 700,000 Android devices every day. Just a month ago, the figure was 550,000, showing a giant leap in Android phones being sold in a very short space of time. He also clarified what they counted as ‘activations’, which is a single new phone being sold and then activated on a network.

5. Samsung Introduce Two Dual-SIM Phones, the Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro Duos

Samsung is moving into the lucrative dual-SIM market, announcing the Galaxy Y Duo and the Y Pro Duo. Both run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and as you’ve probably guessed, the pair are differentiated by the Y Pro Duo having a QWERTY keyboard and the Y Duo being a standard touchscreen candybar. Other features include GPS, Wi-Fi, a microSD card slot and 3 megapixel cameras. Being dual-SIM phones, it’s unlikely they’ll make it to the UK.

6. Ovi Contacts Deleted

In the same week that Nokia abandoned the Symbian name from its Belle update, the company has also announced it will discontinue its Ovi Contacts service from 24 January 2012. Contacts stored online at will remain accessible via your mobile for six weeks, so they can be exported and backed up, after which users will have to use their computer to access them. Contacts on phones will be unaffected.

7.  Siri Helps Santa

Apple’s latest TV ad shows their personal assistant, Siri, giving Santa a hand on the busiest night of his year. It shows off Siri’s ability to provide a weather report, read messages and to organise appointments – of which Santa has 3.7 billion!  See the advert below.

8. No New Nokia Tablet Just Yet

Despite the head of Nokia France saying he expected a Windows 8 tablet to go on sale in June 2012, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has clarified the company’s position, saying they ‘don’t have an exact plan’ for tablets. He added that ‘perhaps we will [release one] one day’, but that seems to be the end of any hopes for a Nokia tablet for now.

9. Angry Birds Comes to the PlayBook

BlackBerry’s tablet, the PlayBook, is finally home to the Angry Birds and not just one of the games either, but all three. Yes, the hugely popular franchise has hit the struggling tablet in original, Seasons and Rio form. Oddly, Rovio hasn’t released the games for BlackBerry OS, meaning they’re not available on BlackBerry smartphones just yet.

10. Gresso Announces Grand Premiere

Gresso has revealed the Grand Premiere, the latest in their line of hugely expensive luxury phones. Tech fans will be disappointed to find out it runs Symbian S40 – yep, really – but fans of bling will love the solid 18-carat gold chassis, sapphire screen and laser engraving. Shame it costs £33,000.

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