Nokia Claim Youth Are Bored By iPhone & Android

Young consumers “fed up with iPhones” will flock to Nokia’s new Windows Phone offering, according to an executive from the Finnish company.

In a recent interview with Pocket-lint, Nokia Head of Global Portfolio & Product Marketing Niels Munksgaard expressed his feelings towards the popularity of smartphone rivals Apple and Android, branding the latter as “too complex and vulnerable”.

Munksgaard said:  ”What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone.

“The youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.”

Munkgaard believes that young users will find apps such as Nokia Music, which streams and recommends music based on your preferences, more favourable than services such as iTunes, whilst Nokia’s Mix Radio service has also generated a considerable amount of the pre-release buzz.

When asked about the future of Nokia Mix Radio, Munksgaard hinted that it was in the company’s “best interest” to roll out the app across as many platforms as possible leading to suggestions that the app could be integrated into other Windows Phones and a desktop version could also be in the offing.

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