Top 5 Christmas Apps

As we get into the Christmas spirit, there’s no reason why your smartphone should be left out of the festive fun. Here’s a list of five applications to jollify your phone.

NORAD Tracks Santa

From its strange inception in 1955, when a Colarado newspaper misprinted a phone number which resulted in thousands of calls from curious kids to the radar base asking for his current location, NORAD has “tracked” the route of one Mr Claus every Christmas as he delivers presents. This new app now allows a quick and easy way to find out when he’s coming to town.


Unsure how much paper you’ll need to wrap that giant gift? iFinger calculates just how much of the roll you’ll require, along with step-by-step instructions on how to manage the tricky task alone. The handy screenshot of a finger also allows users to place their phone down as a paperweight in lieu of a third hand, to hold down the paper as you tape it up. Gift tags not included.

Cthulhu Christmas Advent Calendar

For those looking to add a Lovecraftian touch to Advent, this app allows you to count down to Christmas with a host of original festive-themed images alongside some of the darkest and most gruesome Lovecraft creations. There’s also a quiz game based on the stories of Cthulhu and other creatures.

Rudolph Camera

Customise your iPhone camera roll with Christmassy features, like red noses and Santa hats. Add a decorative border such as fairy lights or mistletoe, then share and enjoy with your friends. This is definitely something to check out if you need to spruce up pictures of the work Christmas do!

Christmas Countdown

If you’re the sort of person who wants to find out exactly how far away the big day itself is, this handy app counts down to minutes and seconds. There’s also a great feature built-in which allows you to select the music to play while you look at the countdown – it comes with several cheesy Christmas themes, or you can select your own song to play.

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