The First Sony Branded Smartphone, the LT22 Nyphon, is Leaked

As we move into the last months of the Sony Ericsson partnership, both companies are gearing up to release new devices, with the Sony Ericsson Arc HD (also known as the Nozomi) likely to be one of the final dual-branded phones.  But what about Sony, what are they planning?

Up until today nobody was really sure, but thanks to a new leak we’ve got our first possible look at a solely Sony branded phone.  Called the Sony LT22, it’s also known by its codename of Nyphon or Nypon, depending on the translation of the original Chinese source.

Even a passing glance at the photos should elicit a degree of surprise, as from the front view the LT22 looks like a bigger version of the original Xperia X10, and hardly the innovative design we were hoping for from Sony.  However, the side view shows how the design has been influenced by Sony’s unusual tablet range, with a flowing rear panel to make holding it and typing more comfortable.

In terms of specification, the 4″ touchscreen, 8 megapixel camera and Android Gingerbread sound quite ordinary in today’s smartphone market, but the spec also indicates the LT22 will use an ST-Ericsson NovaThor 1Ghz processor, the same firm Nokia recently signed on to power their future Windows Phone 7 handsets.  Other features include 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.

It’s early days yet, and there’s every chance the LT22 we see here will change before launch, as Sony isn’t expected to drop the Ericsson name before the middle of next year. However, there’s always a chance Sony will make their new devices official well before that date.

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