Xbox Live App Hits iOS

Microsoft’s launch of  a brand new dashboard for the Xbox along with a dedicated app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad this week means that iOS users can now enjoy the same benefits of those for whom Windows Phone is the operating system of choice.

With the newly ported service, users can communicate with friends, review games they’ve recently played, edit their Xbox Live Avatar and carry achievements and gamertags with them.

Previously, the Xbox Live app was only available as a pre-installed app on Windows Mobile handsets although the Apple version is not as comprehensive as its WM counterpart, which lets you control movie and music playback on your Xbox from your smart phone.

What is also clear is that the app takes its styling points from the WP7 interface and even features a clever browser-based demo that lets users virtually explore the user interface of a Windows Phone from their iPhone handset.

Whilst many will claim that this is an attempt to target Xbox users to make the switch from iOS, particularly following the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 and the impending release of Windows 8 next year, the move will in the main be welcomed by gamers across the mobile world, regardless of their platform choice.

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