Sony to Drop Ericsson Name and Feature Phone Range by Mid-2012

The Sony Ericsson partnership, once an example of how industry partnerships could work well, is set to come to an end by the middle of next year, when Sony will take over the entire mobile phone division.

In an interview with the Times of India, Sony Ericsson’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Kristian Tear, said that the Indian branch of the company “will follow the global strategy” which would be to concentrate on smartphones and drop the sale of feature phones.

He goes on to say that Sony’s investment in marketing and advertising will increase and that they’ll return to the ‘fierce’ approach they took several years ago. The Sony Ericsson name will be phased out by the middle part of 2012, at which time we’d expect blanket advertising and some exciting new handsets to let people know what’s new.

Sony Ericsson has become known for their stylish Xperia range of Android phones recently, but do still sell a lot of feature phones. When the Ericsson name goes, it makes perfect sense for Sony to drop the ‘old’ feature phones to maintain their high-tech image. Whether they continue to use the familiar Xperia name remains to be seen.

This period of change could also be the perfect time to adopt Windows Phone 7, something it’s already researched but never gone ahead with a production model. Mobile World Congress in February 2012 could be our chance to see, for the first time in more than a decade, a new range of purely Sony branded mobile phones.

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