Sony Ericsson and LG Step into the Cloud

Both Sony Ericsson and LG have muscled in to the ‘Cloud War’, with both companies revealing that they will be making up to 50GB of cloud storage available to their Android handsets.

Sony Ericsson announced today that all of its Xperia handsets will now have access to 50GB of internet-based storage, subscription free, for life.

The service is provided by and expires on December 31st 2012 but Xperia users who sign up for an account before then are guaranteed the storage space for life.

Messaging from Sony Ericsson states: “Xperia owners can get an exclusive offer of 50GB (yes 50, not 5) free storage in’s cloud.”

The reference to 5GB is likely to be a swipe at HTC, who recently announced a similar deal with Dropbox to offer 5GB of cloud storage, whilst the free services on Apple’s iCloud and Amazon’s Cloud Drive platforms are also limited to 5GB. will allow users to save, modify and synchronise their documents and media across their mobile and other connected devices, with only one copy kept “in the cloud”.

The deal is not yet active but Sony Ericsson claim that the storage will be available “very soon”.

LG also confirmed that users of all LG Android devices running Android 2.1 and above, including tablets and smartphones, can start enjoying 50GB of cloud storage immediately.

Users only have until March 31, 2012 to claim their free storage but the service will remain free for the life of the account.

The announcements also coincide with the launch of an update for the app for Android, which includes the ability to download documents to a device and the ability to work ‘offline’.


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