Celebrity Handsets: We Match Stars To Their Perfect Device

Never one to keep his opinion to himself, former Oasis star Noel Gallagher recentlyclaimed that “iPhones are for Cockneys and ****s”. For Noel, the idea of mobile bliss is apparently an old Nokia on which he can just text and call – no cameras or other fancy gadgetry for him.

But we’ve been thinking about other celebrities and which phones would be most suited to them. Perhaps a particularly forgetful celebrity would need a phone with a good calendar? Would a celebrity tweeter need constant access to the social networking site? Well, here are five celebs who we think could do with a new handset and we start with Mr Gallagher himself.

Noel Gallagher – A phone with Angry Birds

As much as he claims that he’d rather have “a basic 1994 Nokia mobile”, we have a sneaking suspicion that he’d rather have a smartphone on which to play a level or two of “Noel Gallagher’s Angry High-Flying Birds”. Perhaps the basic model is a better match for brother Liam, the rudimentary nature of which would prevent him from making any more offensive comments via Twitter.

Kim Kardashian – The ‘indestructible’ Motorola Defy

One of the Kardashian twins was in the news this week, with Kim divorcing husband Kris Humphries just 72 days after saying “I do”. Because of her ill-fated marriage, we think that Kim could do with something a bit more durable – certainly something that lasts more than two months. The Motorola Defy was one phone that claimed to be “indestructible” – could it be a match made in heaven for Kim?

Lewis Hamilton – The ‘Ferrari Phone’

It has been a tough year for Lewis Hamilton. When the F1 star isn’t crashing off the track, he has spent most of the season trailing behind the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. So what better way to motivate the British driver than with the Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition? The thought of seeing that Ferrari logo every time he answers his phone should be more than enough to fire him up to win the 2012 title.

Ewan McGregor – Not an iPhone 4s

The internet is currently awash with reports that Apple’s new ‘digital assistant’ Siri, is struggling to understand Scottish accents, we’re going to suggest that any phone with the software might not be 100% suitable for any celebs from north of the border. Unfortunately, that includes Mr McGregor.

Jedward – Some Walkie Talkies

The dynamic duo of X Factor fame spend most of their time interrupting and talking over each other during their interviews, so perhaps walkie talkies are more suitable for them? At least with radios instead of phones, the Irish Eurovision entrants would only be able to speak one at a time, which would be a huge relief for all of us.


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