UK Tops Tablet Use Table

The UK is becoming obsessed with tablets, according to a new survey. Around 95% of those who took part in the research carried out by CCS Insight claimed to use a tablet, such as Apple’s iPad, for at least an hour a day – the highest in Europe.

The survey also revealed that much of the time people spend with their devices was in the living room.

Surfing from the sofa is proving an increasingly popular pastime for tablet users, despite the devices’ obvious portable appeal. In comparison, just around half of participants claimed to pack their tablet when going on holiday, while just 15% brought them along for entertainment on the daily commute.

The portability advantage obviously comes with added privacy concerns for users, as well as theft.  Considering that most of these devices are relatively new, it’s not surprising as it first seems.

Interestingly, iPad owners were found to use their beloved slates less than owners of devise from other manufacturers, recording an average of 30 minutes less usage per day.

In addition to tablets the study included e-readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle, which could be expected to draw attention for much longer, possibly due to the minimal costs involved in both purchasing and running the device.

Martin Garner, Senior Vice President of CSS Insight claims the study underlines just how intertwined the internet has become with modern living.

“Previously, people had to leave the room and sit down at a computer to use the Internet.

“A tablet offers a more convenient and social means of access, allowing users to join in with family activities while remaining on-line” said Garner.

“The Internet is now so tightly built into many people’s daily lives that they want to continue the connected lifestyle when they take a break from work”

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