Nokia Backs Free Wi-Fi Trial in London

Today marks the beginning of a free Wi-Fi trial in central London, operated by Nokia and their partners Spectrum Interactive. While 3G data speeds these days are high enough to complete most tasks, the option of not using your monthly data allowance is a tempting one, especially if you’ve got a very restrictive contract.

A total of 26 hotspots have been activated and the trial will continue until the end of the year, when Nokia will decide whether to expand the service further or not. Spectrum Interactive are providing the hotspots, many of which are housed in their little-used phone boxes around the capital, and will be limited to 20Mbps. A throttled download speed of 1Mbps will also be implemented to ensure the service isn’t abused.

Just because it’s a Nokia initiative doesn’t mean you’ve got to have a Nokia phone, and any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to a hotspot, however, Nokia Maps will help pinpoint the other locations.

Connection is free and all that’s needed is for the user to accept the terms and conditions, plus once you’ve registered, your device will remember the hotspot in the future, so you’ll not have to reconnect.

So where are they? Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, Westminster, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge, Marylebone and Victoria Station are the prime spots, so switch on your Wi-Fi and look for ‘Free Nokia Wi-Fi’ when you’re in the area.

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