Flexi-Screen Phones For Samsung in 2012?

A Samsung spokesperson has confirmed that it is aiming to launch new flexi-screen handsets at the beginning of next year.

Samsung’s Robert Yi, told TechRadar that the company is planning to introduce flexible displays “sometime in 2012” and that the application of the new technology “will probably start from the handset side.”

It comes as no surprise that Samsung is looking to push forward the development of such technology given that the company showcased a foldable AMOLED screen at CES earlier this year.

Flexible screens have fast become the tech du jour with a number of manufacturers looking to develop them. Prototypes featuring malleable displays were exhibited by Nokia at the company’s Nokia World event in London last week and Sony also recently showed off their version of the technology.

However, whilst Nokia’s Kinetic Device and Humanised Phone remain in the development stage with no indication given as to whether the handsets will ever make it into production, Samsung are the first to state it has an approximate release date.

Details of devices earmarked to feature the new screens have so far been closely guarded, along with specifications, but given this announcement, we’d expect more information to follow in the coming weeks.

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