What Has Nokia Got Planned for Nokia World?

On 26 October Nokia will open the doors to the 2011 Nokia World event, where industry types will gather to listen to talks, network with others and most importantly (from our point of view, anyway) be introduced to the next generation of Nokia smartphones.

By now, most will know all about Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership, and will have seen the various device leaks over the past few months; but tomorrow is the day where we’ll almost certainly see the hardware, officially, for the very first time. So what can we expect? Here’s a recap of the expected phones:

The Searay was the one that stated it all, thanks to its moment of glory at the hands of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Since then it has transformed into the Nokia 800, or the Nokia 703, or in some territories, the Nokia Sun. The phone is expected to share the Nokia N9′s looks, but will have a 3.7-inch touchscreen, an 8 megapixel camera and a hefty 1.4GHz processor.

It’ll likely be joined by the Sabre, which will be a more mid-range handset with a 3.7-inch screen, a 5 megapixel camera and if the recent spy shots are to be believed, a set of hardware buttons below the screen. Previous leaks have also given the Sabre a 1.4GHz processor, while others have downgraded the screen size to 3.5-inch. It has also been rumoured the phone will be called the Nokia 710 when it goes on sale.

Finally we’ve got the Nokia Ace, a phone which may or may not appear at the event. Rumours about the Ace’s spec include it having a 4.3-inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera, or it having a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. There’s also talk of the device having 4G connectivity for certain markets.

Two or three Windows Phone 7 Mango phones from Nokia is perhaps less than was expected, and more in-line with other manufactures output. But it won’t solely be about the hardware, as Nokia has been given a little freedom to tweak the WP7 UI, so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve done with something that’s already very good. There’s also the chance we’ll see some other new phones during the event, perhaps one or two powered by Symbian, and even a feature phone as well.

Nokia World kicks off at 9am in London with CEO Stephen Elop giving his keynote speech, then according to the agenda there will be two 30-minute sessions for attendees to ‘get to know the latest mobile products’. Some think this is an indication of there being just two new devices, but we wonder if one session will be for WP7, and the other for Symbian and S40. Later in the day, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore will be talking about ‘building a different kind of UI’, so expect some more information on Windows Phone 7 at that time.

Let’s not forget the CEO of Monster, who will be hosting a panel and could introduce a new collaboration with Nokia, plus Peter Vesterback from Rovio talking about Angry Birds and presumably, their NFC ‘Magic’ version seen on recent Nokia phones.

While it’s an almost foregone conclusion we’ll see the Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets this week, there’s still some concern they won’t be released in 2011, despite various assurances to the contrary. Whether this rumour refers to Europe as well as the US market is unclear, as the US was always set to lag behind when it came to the new phones.

Nokia World 2011 promises to be very exciting indeed, and Dialaphone will be there to see all the action unfold. We’ll keep you updated as the news breaks!

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