Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including a strip down of the iPhone 4S, a renamed Ovi Store and a variety of new phones from Nokia and Sonim.

1. iPhone 4S Disassembled to Reveal 512MB RAM

The engineers at iFixit have torn down the new iPhone 4S to reveal its inner-most secrets, the most important being the presence of 512MB RAM and an ever-so slightly larger battery. The Qualcomm chipset has also been upgraded to the MDM6610 model.  Don’t forget (as if you could) the iPhone 4S goes on sale today!

2. Nokia Announce Two Feature Phones, the X2-05 and C2-05

The X2-05 and C2-05 are a pair of new S40 feature phones from Nokia. The X2-05 is a candybar device with another of their very loud speakers, plus an FM radio, a microSD card slot and a VGA camera. The C2-05 shares the same spec, but has a slider chassis. The pair will be available in a variety of different colours, will go on sale throughout the world before the end of the year, and wear small sub-£50 price tags.

3.  Ovi Store Becomes the Nokia Store

With Nokia’s adoption of Windows Phone, the Ovi brand has been slowly phased out and replaced with Nokia’s own name, and the latest victim is the Ovi Store. You can take a look at the explanatory video below, in which the new Nokia Store is introduced. In addition to its new name, the portal also has a revised navigation and search system too. The new store will appear on Symbian phones as a software update.

4. New Motorola Tablet Out Soon

Motorola has announced the ET1, a new 7-inch tablet made for Enterprise customers which uses a custom version of Google Android Gingerbread. The screen will have a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, a 1GHz dual-core processor and 8GB storage; making it a considerable step down from Motorola’s other, bigger tablet, the Xoom. Motorola hasn’t given a release date, but pricing could go as high as £640.

5. Four New Tough Sonim Phones Announced

Sonim, famous for their range of rugged phones, has announced four new devices, all wrapped up in a tough exterior capable of withstanding drops of more than six feet. The XP1301 Core NFC, the XP1330 Core PTT, the XP3300 FORCE and the XP3340 SENTINEL are the models in question, each offering a different key feature. The XP1301 has an NFC chip, the XP1330 has a push-to-talk button, the FORCE can track workers and finally, the XP3340 has a sensor which promises to recognise if the user falls, then makes an emergency call.

6. Nokia Isn’t Hurrying Belle

The next version of the Symbian operating system is  rumoured to be released during Nokia World at the end of the month, however, a Nokia employee has revealed it won’t be coming on  26 October as expected. The company wants to continue with its Symbian Anna rollout through other territories before sending out Belle. However, with the recent announcement of various Belle phones such as the 603, it can’t be too far away.

7.  Nokia’s Classic Ringtone Remixed

The classic Nokia ringtone has been remixed by an Italian DJ, after he won a competition to find an updated version. The new edition is called the Nokia Tune Dubstep and can be heard in its full glory in the video below. We wonder how long it’ll be until it finds its way on to Nokia phones!

8. Nuance Purchases Swype

The company behind the popular Android keyboard Swype has been purchased by Nuance Communications for a reported £66 million. Nuance produces voice recognition software, so it’s not immediately obvious why they’d buy Swype, however some speculate it’s to make them more attractive for a Google buyout.

9. T-Mobile USA Plans Tablet Launch

T-Mobile is planning on launching an Amazon Fire competitor in the form of the SpringBoard, a Huawei-produced 7-inch tablet running Google Android Honeycomb and featuring a pair of cameras and a 1.2GHz processor. It’s expected to launch by the end of the year, however there’s no word on price or whether it’ll make it to anywhere else in the world.

10.  CyanogenMod Out for the TouchPad

Anyone who has purchased a cheap HP TouchPad can now install Android Gingerbread instead of webOS, by using a version of the well-known CyanogenMod custom ROM. It’s a difficult process though, and shouldn’t be tried by anyone not willing to risk ruining their tablet. If you’re still keen to give it a try, have a good read of the guide here.

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