Vertu Goes High-Tech with Touchscreen Constellation T

You may be forgiven for thinking yesterday was all about a certain Apple device, but you’d be wrong, as Vertu, the expensive phone manufacturer beloved by those with more money than sense, finally launched a touchscreen phone!

Sarcasm aside, Vertu, a division of Nokia, has always been about the materials used in construction, style and exclusivity than functionality. Alphanumeric keypads have been the order of the day and for their limited smartphone range, they’ve used Symbian. However, according to details published on the Bluetooth website, the new Constellation T will change at least some of that.

The device will feature a 3.5-inch  nHD AMOLED touchscreen, an 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, GPS, Wi-Fi and a massive 32GB of internal memory. The Bluetooth certification confirms the presence of Bluetooth 3.0, but doesn’t talk about the Constellation T’s ‘desirable’ specs, such as what it’s made from.

Although there were some rumours that future Vertu handsets would use Windows Phone 7, the Constellation T won’t be one of them, as the nHD screen resolution of 640 x 360 falls below Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements. It seems sensible to expect Symbian Anna or even Symbian Belle onboard. It’ll probably be Anna, as Belle would be moving a little too quickly for Vertu!

The Vertu RM-681V Constellation T will be available worldwide, and the official announcement is expected soon. The inevitably astronomical price has also yet to be confirmed.

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