Nokia Do OS U-Turn With Meltemi

According to the latest noises coming from within the industry, Nokia are toying with the idea of building a proprietary OS for entry-level smartphones.

Dubbed ‘Meltemi’, which is Greek for the northern winds that cross the Aegean Sea, the prospective platform is touted to make its debut in the summer as a replacement to the Finnish company’s Series 40 OS.

The news comes as quite a surprise, especially considering the impending launch of the company’s range of Mango-toting handsets, the abandoning of their joint venture with Intel and effectively killing off MeeGo (now rebranded Tizen) on the eve of the first device running the OS launching.

Meltemi being mooted doesn’t come as to much of a surprise however, mainly because Series 40, which powers feature phones, has pretty much run out of steam and despite previous efforts, it has been a struggle to get Symbian ^3 (Belle) and the component requirements to a low enough price point to make it into a true mass market smartphone platform.

While Nokia intends to make high-end Windows Phone 7 Mango devices, it has publicly stated that it wants to bring price points down to a level which will enable a roll of the operating system across the portfolio.

It’s been speculated that Nokia will build low-cost Windows Phones devices featuring the stripped out Tango OS, to address certain demographics, with Meltemi will allow the firm to bring smartphone functionality, including full touch support, to emerging markets at competitive prices.

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