HTC Runnymede Leaked In Video, Might Not Be HTC Bass

The eagerly anticipated HTC Runnymede, thought to jettison the codename and become the HTC Bass upon release, has been spied in a video leaked online.

Tech site Engadget made the discovery after being tipped off by an anonymous source and posted the footage to the web. The device can be seen sporting a 4.7-inch qHD display set within a white and silver unibody casing in stark contrast to the other Beats-infused handset, the HTC Sensation XE.

The was not accompanied by any concrete specs but it is suspected that the upcoming smartphone will run Android 2.3 and come with the higher spec over-the-ear Beats headphones as opposed to the in-ear ones that shipped with the Sensation XE.

In a further development to the ongoing speculation, the device is said to come to market branded as the HTC Sensation XL and not the HTC Bass as widely thought. A strange move on the manufacturers part as, aside from audio enhancements courtesy of Beats Audio, the two handsets are markedly different.

Word on an official release date was unforthcoming but with HTC set to hold an event in London on 6 October, all could be revealed in just over a week’s time.

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