Samsung Planning To Spoil iPhone 5 Party?

The date may or may not be the reported 4 October when Tim Cook gets on a stage and announces to the world that a new iPhone is upon us but either way, Samsung is reportedly planning to spoil the party for Apple’s long-awaited new iPhone 5.

According to the Financial Times, the Galaxy S II manufacturer is seeking injunctions to block shipments of the next iteration of the Jesus phone in several markets. The patents-related legal action is reportedly aimed at preventing the sale of the new Apple smartphone in Europe and in Samsung’s home market of South Korea.

Samsung declined to comment on any move against the iPhone 5 specifically, but said it was prepared to begin a new “aggressive” legal strategy after Apple had succeeded in several recent cases to block shipments of Samsung’s latest tablet device.

A German court this month upheld a complaint by Apple in which it alleged that Samsung infringed intellectual property rights with its Galaxy 10.1 tab, claiming it to be too similar to the iPad. The result was the banning of sales of the device in Europe’s largest market. The tablet’s  7.7-inch counterpart also had to be hastily removed from the Korean’s stand at the IFA trade show in Berlin, despite brandishing stickers that it was not on sale in Germany.

Relations between the two rival consumer tech giants have now deteriorated to such a level that reports are emerging suggesting that Apple is seeking to scale back its dependence on Samsung for components. Taiwanese IT news outlet DigiTimes reports that Apple has been speaking to Japanese firms to source flash memory and SSDs for its range of smartphones, tablets and notebook computers, as a replacement for Samsung.

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