HTC Have Their Heads In The Clouds With Dropbox

HTC has inked a deal with the well-known cloud company Dropbox to provide up to 5GB of storage on its latest Sense 3.5 equipped Android phones. The Taiwanese manufacturer confirmed to technology site Pocket-lint that users of its latest devices will get a bonus 3GB of storage in addition to the 2GB free storage offered by Dropbox if they connect to the platform with the new phones when they ship in October.

The deal, which will extend to all Sense 3.5 devices in the future, will mean that users will be able to save files and photos on their phone and have them automatically synced to their computer at home or other devices running the Dropbox software.

Dropbox currently offers users 2GB of storage for free, with the chance to upgrade that by a further 8GB by convincing friends to sign up to the service. While this is a great deal for those about to buy a Sensation XE, it does make you wonder why HTC acquired Seattle-based cloud service, Dashwire in early August to “extend cloud services” .

That decision baffles even further when you consider their DashConnect product could be tailored to provide pretty much the same experience as Dropbox. It also seems unlikely that HTC’s Windows Phone 7 products will benefit from the Dropbox deal as there  is neither an official app for Windows mobile devices and SkyDrive, with its 25GB of storage space as standard,  is the integrated cloud service of choice on Microsoft.

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