Apple Ships More Smartphones Than Nokia In 2011!

Many predicted that the iPhone would be the world’s top selling smartphone of 2011 and it now has the numbers to back it up. According to Digitimes, Apple will ship more than 86.4m iPhones this year, putting it ahead of Nokia for the first time ever.

Nokia slips to second place with 74.4m units, a figure more than 25% down from the 100m it shipped in 2010 but not a huge surprise since the drop in demand for non-touch Symbian S60 devices. The Finns hope to stem their losses however with the introduction of Belle, the latest version of Symbian ^3 and of course their debut Windows Phone 7 device.

Samsung takes third place with the highest shipment growth of 44% to 67m units with its huge array of Android devices of all shapes and sizes but it’s Chinese white label manufacturer Huawei who have made Android phones for T-Mobile in the past, which is the ‘one to look out for’ next year.

While it is estimated to ship a considerably smaller 18.7m phones globally compared to the likes of the ‘Big Three manufacturers, it’s a whopping 400% increase over the 3m or so they sold in 2010. And ambitious plans they have too as they aim to ‘do a HTC’ and emerge in to the limelight as a brand in their own right awith a portfolio of Android devices that will give established manufacturers a run for their money.

But for now at least, Apple reign supreme and with the latest gossip around the watercooler of ’21 October’ as the date to mark in your calendar for the iPhone 5, the other manufacturers are going to have to pull something extremely special out of the bag to knock Apple off the smartphone top spot in the foreseeable future.

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