Details On The Amazon Kindle Tablet Emerge

Details on Amazon’s upcoming tablet have been leaked after TechCrunch claims to have had some hands-on time with the mooted device.

It’s been known for a while that the online retailer was working to bring a tablet to the market this year, following the huge success of the Kindle e-reader. Amazon has done a pretty impressive job at keeping information on the highly-anticipated slate under wraps so far, however, as we creep towards the end of 2011, it was only going to be a matter of time before specs started slipping through the net.

The tablet is reportedly called the Amazon Kindle and is nothing like its e-reader counterparts. For a start, it sports a 7-inch full-colour, backlit capacitive touchscreen and according to TechCrunch, will have a similar form factor to the BlackBerry PlayBook (complete with multi-touch support and an absence of any physical buttons).

The Kindle tablet runs on Android (no word on what version) which Amazon has customised with its own interface making the Google software almost unrecognisable.

“It looks nothing like the Android you’re used to seeing,” reports the tech site, describing the UI as “black, dark blue and a bunch of orange.” Amazon’s added extras also include the Amazon Appstore, the Kindle app, Amazon Cloud Player and the Amazon Instant Video Player.

In terms of specs, the 7-inch Kindle tablet is thought to have a single-core processor, 6GB of internal storage and will only available as a Wi-Fi only model at first, although it is rumoured that Amazon is working on a 3G variant.

TechCrunch also addressed speculation that the online retailer has a 10-inch tablet in the pipeline. Whilst it was previously reported that Amazon would release 7 and 10-inch tablets this year, the tech news site claims the company now wants to test the water with the smaller of the two. If all goes well, we should meet the 10-inch Kindle tablet next year.

As far as a release date goes, the 7-inch Kindle slate is on track for a November launch and will carry a price tag of $250 in the US. We’ll keep track of this one for any developments as we head towards the winter.

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