HTC Sensation To Come With Beats Technology

A document has surfaced on the web revealing the next piece of HTC hardware to incorporate Beats audio technology. According to the spec sheet leaked to CNET, HTC has been working on a revised version of  its popular smartphone, the Sensation.

If the specification is to be believed, the special edition handset will not only include improved audio but benefits from additional hardware improvements also. The CPU has been increased from a 1.2GHz dual-core effort to a 1.5GHz Qualcomm 8260 processor, internal memory has been quadrupled to a more respectable 4GB and battery life, something current Sensation owners are finding problematic, is to be increased from 1,520mAH to 1,730mAH.

Naturally, it’ll be paired with a set of Dr. Dre earphones and even comes with a music remote – the benefit of which is yet to become clear. Rumour has it the Sensation will also come prepped with software that will automatically recognise when Beats peripherals are plugged in.

With pricing already determined, you’re looking at £520 SIM free or anything from £35p/m and above for contract, we expect that the device is almost ready to ship. So we could well see the Sensation special edition on sale long before the former Beats front-runner the HTC Runnymeade.

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