DEFY+ Heading To UK But Milestone 3 Stuck in Latin American Territories

There’s good news and bad news from Motorola today. The enhanced version of their ‘Lifeproof’ Android phone, the DEFY+, has been confirmed as coming to Blighty, just in time for the wet and windy Autumn weather. Benefiting from a faster 1GHz processor and preloaded with Gingerbread 2.3 OS there’s a welcome 25 percent boost to speed and functionality.

The IP67 rated dust, scratch and impact resistant exterior, complete with Cornings Gorilla glass that covers the 3.7-inches touchscreen remain unchanged, as does the five megapixel camera and 2GB of onboard memory. There’s been no word on whether existing DEFY users will benefit from Gingerbread or whether Motorola will draw a line at FroYo though.

On to the bad news. The 1GHz dual-core and feature-rich Milestone 3 that some of you have been salivating over for some months is now available…so long as you live in Latin America. Yup, the powers-that-be decided that despite this being the world’s thinnest Android QWERTY slider, that Brazil gets the 3G version first.

It’s a great shame for those looking for a speedy alternative to the  HTC Desire Z or Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, especially as the Milestone 3 features not only whopping 4-inch qHD 24-bit colour display but also shoehorns in an eight megapixel camera that can shoot and playback HD video at 1080p!

However, while it’s a quad-band GSM handset, the 3G chipset onboard only supports North American Frequency bands of 850/1900/2100MHz, so you’d be surfing in the slow lane if you imported one over. Here’s hoping Motorola Europe has a change of heart for Christmas.

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