Samsung Picks Up Where Nokia Left Off, Changes Galaxy Smartphone Naming System

Nokia recently decided to change their own phone names from their ‘simplified’ C, X, and Nseries system to a collection of ever-increasing numbers, and now Samsung has gotten in on the act with a subtle revision to their Galaxy smartphone range.

What makes the move especially interesting is its similarity to Nokia’s way of using a letter and number combination to identify where in the range a phone will sit. You know, the system they dropped because it didn’t work. Here though, instead of X meaning entertainment and N meaning top-of-the-range; Samsung are using words like Wonder and Magical to differentiate between ranges. Yes, really.

Let’s start at the top where the S still reigns supreme, so we can expect a Galaxy S III, IV and eventually a Galaxy S MCMVII too. The big changes appear lower in the Galaxy range, which has now been spread out into four new categories, starting out with the premium R series. R series Galaxy devices will be Royal and Refined according to Samsung, and we presume the long-rumoured Galaxy R will be the first to appear.

Next we have the ‘high-tier’ W range, and as we mentioned a moment ago, the W stands for Wonder. Then the mid-tier M range of Galaxy phones (that’s M for magical, of course) and finally, the entry-level Galaxy Y devices are for the ‘young-minded’. Feeling wondrous? A Galaxy W will be for you, just don’t bother with a Galaxy Y unless you’re 12; and quite what a ‘royal and refined’ smartphone will be like has us really intrigued!

Got that? Basically, that’s S for expensive, R, W and M for not quite so expensive and Y for cheap. However, Samsung hasn’t finished yet, as they’ll be adding other words like Pro for an added keyboard, Plus for an updated feature list and LTE for high-speed data connectivity. We can all look forward to the Samsung Galaxy M IV Pro Plus LTE, then.

What’s slightly strange is Samsung hasn’t made any mention of the Galaxy X series, so seeing as they unveiled the mud-covered Galaxy Xcover recently, the naming convention seems to be falling apart already!

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