Huawei To Release Own-Brand Smartphone In The UK


Chinese manufacturer Huawei is set to launch its first smartphone marketed under its own name in the UK this September.

The Huawei Blaze is said to a budget Android handset and will more than likely feature Gingerbread as its operating system. Industry analysts also predict the device to have a price point of around £100 when it hits British shelves.

In deciding to launch an ‘own-brand’ handset, Huawei are hoping to build the brand in markets other than its native
China and emulate the success of HTC who have grown continually ever since deciding to sell the phones it made as HTC, not rebranded for carriers or other manufacturers.

“We’re trying to establish the brand, almost from scratch,” said Huawei’s UK executive vice president Mark Mitchinson in an interview with Bloomberg, adding that his company would be competing with “anyone involved in Android”.

The move will no doubt be welcomed by those looking to make the jump from feature to smartphone without shelling out, however, we’d expect Huawei will have to up its marketing assault should it want to achieve anything near to the success enjoyed by fellow ODM-turned-smartphone behemoth HTC.

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