New “I’m Watch” Brings Android Power to Your Wrist

Italian firm Blue Sky have announced  the ‘I’m Watch’, a device that brings Google’s all-conquering Android to your wrist and which the company claim is the worlds first ‘smartwatch’ .

Featuring a form factor not dissimilar to that of the latest iPod nano, the smartphone/timepiece hybrid comes with some eyebrow raising specs including a Freescale IMX233 CPU, 64 MB of memory, as well as 4 GB of flash storage for storing files.

According to the manufacturer, the I’m Watch doesn’t have a SIM slot and call making functionality comes via pairing with your existing Android handset using a Bluetooth connection. Text messages and other notifications do appear on the device’s 1.5-inch screen although with neither a tactile nor virtual keyboard in sight, replying is not possible.

Whilst this isn’t the first time the watch/phone combination has been attempted – both LG and sWaP have had a go with varying degrees of success – it is perhaps the only one to bring full access to the range of apps available for a typical smartphone, all thanks to its Android OS.

Unfortunately though, the version of Google’s OS used by the I’m Watch is the antiquated Android 1.6, which we’d imagine that coupled with the tiny touchscreen, doesn’t offer too much in the way of functionality.

Of course, the novelty value of being able to run apps, access emails, photos and music on a device so small is one that appeals, but the fact that the I’m Watch doesn’t have a network connection of any description (not even Wi-Fi is supported) is surely enough to put off consumers weary of arduously installing updates and transferring data solely via Bluetooth.

The I’m Watch comes in variety of colours and materials ranging from simple colour variants, which are priced at 249 euros to the high-end jeweled or precious-metal-themed designs setting customers back around 14,999 euros.

Anyone wanting to get their hands on this device will have to wait until its November release and even then it’ll only be available online as creators Blue Sky have no plans to bring it to stores.


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