Leaked US Roadmap Reveals Release Dates For New BlackBerry Devices

A roadmap detailing US release dates for upcoming BlackBerry devices have been leaked online after a CrackBerry reader happened across the document and sent over the details to the popular BlackBerry news resource. Although the release dates go up to January next year, there’s no mention of any of the QNX-powered smartphones promised by RIM,  the recently outed the BlackBerry Colt conspicuous by its absence.

RIMs handset release schedule was originally sent to US mobile retailer Wireless Giant before cropping up on CrackBerry and revealed that a 4G version of the Torch 2 will be available on AT&T from 21 August, with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 4G showing up in November.

Another handset of note on the document was the BlackBerry Apollo, rumoured to be known as the BlackBerry Curve 9360 once it hits the market. This is the only prospective handset that hasn’t yet been touted for a UK release, fuelling speculation that it could show up on these shores at some point in the near future.

However, as the roadmap was bound for the US, dates contained within pertain to RIM’s Stateside launch schedule and may not necessarily be replicated here in the UK.

This shouldn’t cause too much concern for expectant BlackBerry fans here in Britain as some BlackBerry handsets such as the Bold 9900 are already pegged to arrive in the next few weeks rather than November as detailed by the leak, although if the Torch 2 is landing across the pond later this month, we could well see it land over here around the same time.

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