Motorola Investigated By ASA Over Atrix ‘Most Powerful Smartphone’ Claims

Motorola may be forced to retract its claims that the Atrix is ‘the world’s most powerful smartphone’ following complaints about a TV ad for the device.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is currently looking at Motorola’s assertions about the power contained in the Tegra-2 powered device and are investigating the ad after receiving two complaints challenging the validity of the claims.

An ASA spokesperson told Know Your Mobile: “I can confirm that the ASA has received two complaints about a TV ad for the Motorola Atrix mobile phone that states “The world’s most powerful smartphone.

“The complainants have challenged whether the claim is misleading. We are currently formally investigating this ad and will publish our findings in due course.”

When the Atrix first launched in February 2011, its 1GHz dual-core processor arguably positioned it at the forefront of the smartphone market in terms of CPU power.

However, since then, a slew of equally powerful devices have been released, including the LG Optimus 2X and Samsung’s Galaxy S II, rendering Motorola’s claims factually incorrect.

The ASA didn’t provide a timescale for the completion of their investigation, but should the complaints be upheld, the Atrix advertising campaign will have to be rehashed or scrapped entirely.

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