RIM To Announce New BlackBerry Today?

RIM could be set to unveil a new smartphone today after it hinted towards the arrival of something “shiny, new and social” on its official Facebook page.

The company made the intriguing post on Monday night which read: “Hey Team BlackBerry, what’s shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be? Tune in tomorrow for details!”

Without any official confirmation of a specific device, just what exactly this new arrival might be remains a mystery. That hasn’t stopped tech industry watchers from speculating though with many predicting that it could either be the BlackBerry Bold 9790, which appeared in a series of leaked videos a few days ago, or the much talked about Torch 2.

However, some haven’t ruled out the possibility of RIM revealing an official release date for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, although this couldn’t really be termed a ‘new’ handset as the company unveiled it at BlackBerry World back  in May.

The Canadian manufacturer didn’t give away an exact time as to when it would be making this announcement, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on Camp RIM throughout the day to see what it’s got up its sleeve.

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