Mobiles in the Movies

We use our mobiles everywhere these days; at home, at work, in coffee shops or even while tracking down geocaches in the wilderness. So really, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing them more and more on the silver screen. After all, that strategically placed phone call can be vital to the plot and make the pieces fall into place. Here are our top picks of mobile in the movies.

Nokia 8110 & Samsung N270 – The Matrix/The Matrix Revolutions

Nokia’s ‘slidey phone’ – otherwise known as the Nokia 8110 or banana phone – caused a bit of phenomenon and was way ahead of its time, with its classy styling and spring loaded slider. Everyone wanted to learn Kung Fu and make frantic phonecalls, just like Keanu. Perfect for saving the world of course and it meant that Neo could keep in touch with the real world whilst trying to escape from those pesky agents. In the sequel The Matrix: Reloaded, Samsung replaced Nokia as the freedom fighter’s  mobile of choice and the Korean company later released the lookalike SPH-N270, aka the “Matrix Phone” in 2003.

James Bond’s Ericsson, Tomorrow Never Dies

James Bond is no stranger to his gadgets, so of course he was always going to feature on our list. Our favourite is the Sony Ericsson phone 007 was playing with in Tomorrow Never Dies – not only could it be used as a stun gun, lock pick and a fingerprint reader, but it was also a remote control for his BMW 750iL. We only wish it was real…

Blackberry Curve, Buried

Many movies sparingly use mobile phones, mainly as a plot device or to deliver some integral information to a character. So, imagine a movie based on a man buried alive in a coffin armed with nothing but a Blackberry, flashlight, flask, lighter, pencil, a knife and some glowsticks. Buried is an intense thriller and Ryan Reynolds is superb as Paul Conroy, but the Blackberry (which we believe to be a 9300 Curve) deserves a round of applause for its ‘performance’ as an ingenious prop.

Nokia 8800, Crank

If you like your films filled with gadgets, grit, explosions and car chases then Crank is for you. Jason Statham stars alongside the ridiculously expensive Nokia 8800 Sirocco, which features frequently in the movie. The ringtone is something to watch out for too; at the beginning, it’s loud and cheery, but it then starts to trail off, coming to an abrupt halt.

Tony Stark’s LG Phone, Iron Man 2

Iron Man is not exactly short on gadgetry but we especially loved the look of his state of the art, transparent mobile phone. A massive improvement on his rather lame LG VX9400 from the first film, his LG branded superphone could lock his house, control his TV and project videos. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t actually exist outside of the movie, but here’s hoping…

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