The Galaxy Z Reappears as the Samsung Galaxy R

Samsung has revealed another addition to the Galaxy range of Android smartphones, and has chosen to denote its place in the range by naming it the Galaxy R – one behind the Galaxy S. The new phone appears to be very similar to the Galaxy Z spotted earlier this month, both in terms of looks and features.

The chassis may share the Galaxy S2′s style, but at 131 grams and 9.6mm thick, it’s not quite as sleek and lightweight as its top-of-the-range relative. However, it can hardly be described as a brick! Inside the device is a dual-core processor, but it’s unknown what speed it’ll run at, although we’d guess it’ll be 1GHz rather than the S2′s 1.2GHz. A microSD card slot can be used to expand on the built-in 8GB of memory.

Around the back of the phone is a 5 megapixel camera with the ability to shoot 720p video, while the front is dominated by a 4.2-inch, 480 x 800 resolution touchscreen, again keeping the spec just below that of the Galaxy S2 and identical to the Galaxy Z.

Tech site CNET indicate the Galaxy R will be making its debut at the end of this month, and it’s almost certain the price will be just like the feature list; a little below the Galaxy S2.

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