Samsung To Unveil Galaxy ‘Tabphone’ At IFA?

Samsung could be ready to unveil a 5.3-inch smartphone-tablet hybrid at IFA 2011 according to reports.

The news comes from Yahoo Korea who cite sources close to the manufacturer for information about the device called the Samsung Galaxy Q.

According to the news outlet, the ‘tabphone’ will have 3G and 4G support but other than that, no further specs were revealed. It’s also unclear whether the slate will be able to make voice calls like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, although with a name like ‘tabphone’, there’s a good chance that it will.

The tech world isn’t fully convinced by the reports especially since 5-inch devices aren’t really in high demand with a plethora of 7 and 10-inch tablets available. It also seems a little strange for Samsung to be planning to release a device only an inch bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S II.

However, with the Dell Streak 5 holding up well in the 5-inch tab market, there’s a chance the Korean firm could be expanding its horizons by offering a scaled-down device.

There’s still a couple of weeks to go before IFA kicks off on 2 September so if the Galaxy Q really does exist, we’d expect some blurry cam shots or at least a rumoured spec sheet to surface by then.

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