Microsoft Want £60 Smartphones

The President of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone Division told partners how he expected Windows-capable smartphones to drop to $100 (£60) by next year at a conference this week.

Reasons given included the evolution of technology and the increased availability of components – he basically did a brilliant job of not mentioning how you have to radically drop your prices when you’re last to an extremely full party.

Apple currently dominate the smartphone market, helped into pole position by brilliant branding, an intelligent OS, and by all the previous versions of Windows Mobile.

With Android taking second place, armed with open-source apps and the Google-loving tech crowd, Windows suddenly finds itself competing against massive established user bases. Which is normally their deal. PC users upgrade to the newest Microsoft products because there is simply no option, but with an open field of OSes it’s finding it hard to compete.

Windows Mobile 7 could change that, but they still need aggressive measures to have a hope of carving out some market for themselves. Cut-rate Windows Mobiles in 2012? It wouldn’t be the worst idea they’ve ever had.

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