Amazon Tablet Arriving In October

Amazon’s long-awaited tablet could be arriving in October according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The US newspaper claims to have spoken with “sources familiar with the matter” who revealed that the upcoming device will have a 9-inch display and run Android, presumably Honeycomb.

The WSJ article also suggested that the slate “won’t carry a camera like the iPad but will allow customers to watch videos, read eBooks and listen to music from Amazon”.

Despite the lack of any kind of official confirmation from the etailer,  the device has still regularly cropped up in the rumour mill, often being tipped as the slate that to give the iPad a serious run for its money. It’s thought that the huge success of the Kindle has given Amazon the impetus to branch out into the tablet market and attempt to take a serious bite out of Apple.

Amazon’s will banking on its standing as an established and trusted brand as it readies itself to take on Camp Cupertino and will no doubt view the range of services, including books, music, videos and cloud storage,  it already has to offer as an enticing prospect for customers.

No price points or a specific release date are known yet but with excitement building surrounding the future Honeycomb tablet, it shouldn’t be too long until more details start emerging.

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