Nokia N9 May Not Launch in the UK

We wondered at the time whether the N9′s Far East announcement was significant, and it’s looking possible that it was, as according to Nokia’s N9 homepage the MeeGo phone won’t be getting a full, worldwide release.

Although it has attracted a lot of attention, and some positive initial comments, the N9 is going to be Nokia’s only MeeGo phone whatever happens, and they’re instead going to be concentrating on Windows Phone 7 as their primary smartphone OS, in the territories where it’s available.

To maintain a high-end presence while Microsoft introduce their smartphone OS to more countries, the N9 – and Symbian^3 phones – could be used to fill that gap. Plus, if the Sea Ray does turn out to look very similar to the N9, it would only serve to confuse customers.

There’s still a chance Nokia could change their mind though, as Europe isn’t missing entirely from the availability list; for example Austria, Greece, Sweden, Portugal and Switzerland are among the European countries expected to welcome the N9 later this year. Others include the lucrative Russian, Chinese, Australian and Saudi Arabian markets.

If the N9 never made it to the UK would you be disappointed? Or will a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device make up for it?

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