Top Apps for F1 Fans

If you’re a bit of a motorsports fan, you’ll already be gearing up for the upcoming F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone this month.

With F1 taking in more and more countries in 2011, and more and more time zones, F1 fans might have found it even harder to keep up with all of the live action from what has been a thrilling season so far. With 19 races this season, there are a lot of early starts and busy weekends for British followers!

Luckily though, there’s a whole range of apps out there that let you follow the action from your mobile phone. 2011iPhone/Android/BlackBerry, Free

If you fancy adding a new technological dimension to your Sunday afternoons, you could do a lot worse than this freebie app which streams real-time data direct from the F1 Management Technical Centre, straight to your phone. You’ll see exactly the same info that is streamed directly to the teams in the pit lane, with live timing, circuit data, practice, qualifying and race results as well as a season calendar and track info on race days.

Livesports24 F1™ Racing – Android, Free

If it’s functionality and information that you’re looking for, then this is the F1 app for you. As well as giving you all the info you need throughout the course of a Grand Prix, it also gives you live commentary and coverage of qualification sessions, races and a lap/race timer. Handy driver and constructor leaderboards are thrown in too so you can keep an eye on the overall standings.

F1™ 2011 Timing App – Championship Pass – Android/iPhone, £19.99

The ‘Granddaddy’ of all F1 apps and a rather steeply priced one too. Of course, it is the official F1 app and its main selling point is that you can see the live track positioning of the cars throughout the race. It has decent graphics and a good layout but there are better news feeds out there; this is purely for F1 followers who are interested in the live timing aspect.

Vodafone McLaren App – iPhone, Free

This is the official McLaren App, and although it’s plastered with Vodafone advertising, it does at least mean it’s a freebie. The news feed, track guides and standing are all pretty good but where this app really excels is during race weekends where you can see Jenson and Lewis’ in-car data. If you’re a McLaren fan, this is a must. You can even access ‘behind the scenes’ interviews with the pit stop crew and drivers.

So, now you’re ready to follow all the action, the only question left to ask is who you will be cheering on next weekend?  Are you using an F1 app that we haven’t mentioned? What would you love to see in upcoming apps so you can get your F1 fix?


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