Best Apps for Surviving a Zombie Invasion

You might have seen in the news recently that Leicester City Council is rather underprepared for a zombie invasion. Unfortunately for them, some crazy midlanders weren’t too pleased at their lack of zombie fighting plans, so they took to the streets in a mock zombie death march. It might be a bit silly, but this got us thinking; how prepared are we for the rise of the undead? Could our mobiles be our first line of defence when the hordes start shuffling through the streets?

We’ll presume that the networks will still be up for a while after Z-day, and as long as you conserve your power (or have an in-car charger) then you should be able to take advantage of your pre-apocalypse apps, which could well be the difference between glorious survival and horrible, brain-chomping death.

Zombie Invasion Preparation (Android, Free)

Not sure where to begin with your plans for an impending zombie invasion? Well download this handy app at the first sign of a zombie outbreak and help to manage your provisions at any of your hideouts, so you know what you have, what you need and how soon you need to go out and get more supplies. You can also download reports on how fast you’re consuming your food and how long your provisions will last.

US Army Capture Avoidance (Android, Free)

Developed by the US Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, this is a handy app for Android users who need to learn the basics about avoiding the enemy, evasion aids, surveillance and contingency plans. Make the most of the app while the battery lasts and feel smug while you bask in the glory of your ninja stealthness as you watch others make rookie mistakes and fall victim to the brain munching undead. Or you could gather a band of survivors a la The Walking Dead and make the most of your new techniques by watching each other’s backs.

SAS Survival Guide (iPhone, Lite version is free or £3.99 for the full version)

It’s back to basics I’m afraid as you begin your treacherous journey out of your town or city. Everyone knows that zombies go where the people are, so avoid highly populated areas and head for the hills.

This handy SAS survival app will help keep you alive as you battle the elements, as well as those pesky zombies. Learn to light a fire, how to make a base camp and how to hunt, not to mention basic first aid. However, you might want to bring a pen and paper along in your rucksack too and jot down as much info as you can before the battery life on your iPhone finally gives out.

Google Maps

Ok, so not technically an app but when you start noticing your neighbours looking at you hungrily then you’re going to need to leave town. So, use good old Google Maps to find your nearest petrol station, or even more handily, your local shooting club or DIY store where you can pick up a handy spade or chainsaw to aid you in hacking through the hordes. Oh, and let’s not forget using it for actual directions to your chosen destination too.

Visibility (Android, Free)

Chances are that zombies aren’t just going to start clambering out of graves and usually (well in Hollywood at least) there’s a cause; perhaps a virus or some kind of radioactivity. Check out the air around you using the hand Visibility app which works by taking a picture of the sky (while the sun is out) so that the app can compare it to other sky images and estimate the visibility levels. If you sense a green fog descending, then start moving before you start craving brains!

Good luck folks, and in a dire emergency, distract your flaky assailants by whacking on your phone’s music player full blast, throwing it as far away from you as possible, and then running in the other direction.

Do you have any nifty ideas for apps that would help you survive in a zombie invasion?

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